4 Important Steps to Convert Invention Ideas into a Product

4 Important Steps to Convert Invention Ideas into a Product

We often hear, how a simple innovation turns a company famous and recognizable. Every product out on a market today is reliable on the generated idea and much the idea is implemented well the stronger would be the product’s effect.


It might happen many times that you get dicey about what to do and what not with your invention ideas. You don’t have to worry at all if you know the important steps to turn your invention ideas into product. From the past few years, I have noticed thousands of people transforming their initial ideas into creative and money-generating products. In this particular blog, I will discuss all those steps which can help you getting great products.

Here are the basic steps to give a drastic change in your business.

First Step: Get Documented your Ideas

Just getting an idea is worthless until you write down everything you can think of which relates to your invention. It might relate as from where to give a breakthrough, how to make possible ways to market it. Just make a point-wise documentation and patent your ideas. The next thing which you have to remember always is “Treat your product ideas as a Business from the start”.


The best way to get it documented is by writing your ideas down and emailing it to yourself in a sealed envelope so that you can keep your dated invention’s conception. The documentation demonstrates that you were the first to perceive of your potential products.

Second Step: Do Market Research

The next step comes to research your idea from a legal point of view. Before you spend a lot of time and money creating a product, you must know if anybody wants to buy it or no. Therefore first complete an initial patent research and then research your market. As because you haven’t seen your invention doesn’t mean it doesn’t already exist.


Start your research by looking for the size of the market and your competition. Proceed your research by matching the products with your existed idea. Get acknowledge with how to sell products and who’s is buying them. By getting the answer of these questions, you will get an idea about your target market.

Third Step: Develop a Prototype 

Once you assure with the clearance of legal path, your next step should be bringing your idea to fruition. It’s kind of working model of your product. This model puts your invention into practice (all of the things you have written in your inventor’s journal). Always remember, never file a patent until you have completed a prototype.

Few rules to prototype your invention are-

  • Sketch: Just begin with a drawing and sketch out all of your ideas into your inventor’s journal.
  • Mockup: Create a concept mockup out of any material also build a 3-D model of your design.
  • Model: Generate a full-working model of your idea.

Fourth Step: File a Patent

After completing all the previous steps, finally, you need to file a patent. There are two main types of patents: a utility patent (for new machines and processes) and a design patent (for a manufacturing new, non-obvious ornamental designs). You can write the patent and fill out the application yourself. Hiring the proper patent attorney helps ensure your patent is completely protected.


Final words

It is well said that as much you gain knowledge, the better effect you will see in results of your work. In this particular blog, I have discussed all those important steps which can let you convert invention ideas into products.  

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