6 Predictions for the success of Small Businesses in 2017

6 Predictions for the success of Small Businesses in 2017

6 Predictions for the success of Small Businesses in 2017

The compelling interest of digital marketing has grown its reach in the whole world. With this, the consumers have the whole world at their fingertips. This has created an inspiring path for the big and small business.

In Order to make this path grow ever and ever, we are presenting you some of the predictions for small business for the upcoming year that is 2017. These predictions will help to improve your brand awareness and help your business grow.

With the new trends get ready to rock your business. Let’s move on to the below-mentioned points of predictions.


1. Cross-device marketing


Cross-device marketing


Before moving on this point let us know what cross-device marketing is. It is a type of marketing which refers to the process of finding customers on various devices across the web and providing them information about ads.

In this growing world, it becomes quite essential that businesses must go to the customers where they are. For this, they need to make marketing strategies that have some coordination so that they can have a proper conversation with their customers regardless of the devices they are using. This concept of cross-device will help the marketers to communicate people in the most efficient way.


2. Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing


This is going to be exploding one. So what is Influencer Marketing? This is the kind of marketing that focus on the key leaders and not the customers directly and they are the one who is going to forward your brand’s promotion. You can inspire or pay or hire influencer to present your words.

This is like, if anyone’s favorite blogger or celebrity promotes some product then the inclination of people with product increases, they trust that product more. This can increase your sales without organizing any campaigns or promotional activities.  

No matter if your business has a little marketing budget, the small business can build up relationships with the influencers and doesn’t actually require any money to pay them and they can access your followers and a  cross-promotion of your brand is done easily.  


3. Focus on mobile first


Are you wondering what is the heading about? It’s about the mobile engagements of people. It was found that the mobile uses are increased by 58% year by year. This may give you the ideas how mobile users are increasing. We all know that most of the people prefer mobile for reading their Emails, pursuing the social media or viewing websites than a system.

So I would like to suggest that everything should be for sure formatted for the mobiles, as this can help you enhancing your engagements.


4. Personalization


Personalization goes side by side with the cross-device marketing. No matter when and how but every customer expect and love a personal attention. Try to embrace your customers and try to address and filter your customer’s behavior and choices.

This move will for sure help your customers to stick with you also they can refer your services too.


5. Storytelling




The best try which a writer can do. A descriptive language which readers can envision. This will allow them to visualize the concept which you are trying to explain and achieve. It can become a mode of interaction.

Also, you need to be conscious of having loyal customers as they can attract more clients for you. Think about the goal of your business and then present them as a message from your customer’s perspective. Your customers don’t require a loud and harsh call to action rather provide them a tale which can convince them politely.


This is what your customer’s demand from the business of 2017.


6. Videos


Video Marketing


The upcoming year is truly compelling the year of video marketing. As per the latest developments in the features of every social media, platform videos are becoming a popular demand. A craze of video chat is growing like a fire in the forest.

Using this, small businesses can improve their customer’s engagements as well as loyalty. Let the upcoming year be the best for the small businesses.




Let the predictions for this upcoming year become the truth with the above-mentioned points. Hope you find this blog informatic and will use the concept to grow your business.

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