5 Ways to Keep Your Employee Happy and Productive

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5 Ways to Keep Your Employee Happy and Productive

It doesn’t matter what you build, Invent or sell. Your organization productivity depends on your employee. Without them, you can’t move forward in your business. Keeping your team happy and motivated, will help you to gain more success in your business.

Whether you are the major corporation or a small shop, the cost of hiring and training new staff members is higher than the investment in your business. In order to get the best result in your business, employee satisfaction should be a priority. Always keep your employee happy by finding out what help them feel like they are a part of the team and contributing to the success of the company.

Build Ownership Among Your Crew

You always make your employee feel that they own the place, not just work there. In other words, make your employee feel that whatever the step is taken for the success of the business they are the part of it and they are responsible for what the customer is buying. Always make them familiar that what other members are doing, allowing them to bring their idea to the table for the success of the organization.

Trust Employee to Leave Their Comfort Zones

Some of the Employees want to work a specific task. Don’t afraid to grant them a new responsibility because it will allow them to build more confident in their abilities while making them feel more valuable to the organizations. Sometimes team leaders might feel risk allowing their people to try new things. They think it will be the risk for the productivity but doing the same task people get bored and they slowly lose the interest of working.

Keep Them Informed

It’s the responsibilities of the business leaders that they should inform about each and every step taken in business to their employee. Some of the business leaders do not think that it’s important to inform what things are going on in their business and what are the upcoming product to their employee. This thing creating a gap between management and the employee which is not good for any business. Sharing thoughts with your employees will make them feel that they are the important parts of the organization and without them organization will not grow.

Money Matters

Company package is a big deal when employees are hired. When we talk about the salary, always make your employees feel that they are being paid fairly. Don’t bend over backward to lowball them. Always appreciate their good work by giving them a bonus. Never make them feel like working hard and they are not getting money according to their work. This thing will make them unhappy.

Organisational Culture

Good Organisation culture is important for the employee to work freely. Not always ask them for their fault. If they do, make them understand in a polite manner. Never pressurize them for their work. Whenever you organize meeting keep it open for all. That will help you to get better ideas and employee will feel happy. Make employee feel free to share their problem with your organization and give them a better solution to sort out their problem. This will help your employee to feel free in your organization and in return you will get good productivity.


Companies success depend on their employee productivity. So always make them free for their work. The above-mentioned point will create the good relationship of the employee with the management. Which important for the better productivity of your organization.

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