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Project Description

through the entire Atomic Studios website with ease – The new Atomic
Studios iOS App is remarkable, offering you a simple and sleek UI. Using
this app is a piece of cake with the properly structured and easy to
use navigation system.
Check out all the information about the studio rentals, green
screen rentals, white cyc rentals, studio pictures and clients’ video
that the Atomic Studios have.
Browse through the various types of rentals offered, for instance:
Camera rentals, grip and lighting rentals, standing set rentals, special
FX rentals, camera car rentals and mobile movie studio.
Movie production and other miscellaneous sections like Video tips and tricks, Surveys, Top 10, blogs and many more.
We hope your Atomic Studios experience on your iPhone and iPad continues to be informative and beneficial.


Project Details

App Type: Mobile Application

Url: NA

Programming Languages: Objective-C

Technology/Framework/Library: UIKit, CoreGraphics, Foundation

Platform: ios

Methodology: Rapid Development

Status: Completed