What are the Metrics one should consider to Track Social Media Success?

What are the Metrics one should consider to Track Social Media Success?

What are the Metrics one should consider to Track Social Media Success?

Are you wishing to measure your social media marketing efforts? Confused, how to track social media success?

Wondering which metrics you should consider for doing the same?

If so, then I must say that this post will clear all your confusions on the same. Let’s move on with the contains mentioned in this post.  I would let you know how efficiently you can do that.

Tip #1

Try to track your Follower Growth

As we all know that followers are always playing a vital role in the growth of any business. So, you are supposed to have a track of your follower growth. The count of your followers, page like, and fans will let you make a judgment who are the unique people who have shown a curiosity for your business. You should always try to grow your following. By this, I meant that your content which you are sharing should be catchy enough to convert the new viewers into fans. For example, have a look below.

Grow your followingThis is how you are able to get the result of your follower’s track. You are able to get the statistics of your fans and let you judge your audience’s reaction.

Tip #2

Try to judge the time of engagements of your audience

Gaining engagement is always a long term task, right? And it is quite important to make a judgment on the engagement of your audience. You should have a track when your audiences are likely to engage with your content. This helps you to make your post at the right time of the day and the perfect day of the week when you can find more active audience.

Judge the time of engagements of your audienceFrom observing the above-shown picture you might have got the idea when to make a post on different social media sites and at what time and day of the week.

Tip #3

Try to track Likes and reactions

Try to make an estimation how your audience reacts on your post. This metric help you judge whether your audience is showing interest in your post which you are publishing. Another thing which you need to care about is you should mention the type of content which you are posting or sharing. Have a look below.

track Likes and reactionsIf you are making your post on Facebook then from there you can also get the reaction of people. Have a look.

Track ReactionsTip #4

Draw your attention for Monitoring Mentions

When you post something interesting your fans and followers are there to talk about you and it is good to be the part of their conversation. This is the reason why you need to track your mentions. For Facebook, you get the notification when you are tagged in someone’s post and if you are not being tagged directly then you need to go for the option of third-party tool to keep track of mention.  

Tip #5

Concentrate on the Replies and Comment

Try to review the replies and comment of your post, this will help know how people are showing their engagement on your post. This can act as the medium of interaction between you and your audience. Also, you are able to get to know what is the performance of your post.

So if you receive comments on your post then for sure consider, replying them and get  the feedback.

Tip #6

Examine Click rates

Examine Click RatesClick rates have nothing to do with the revenue rather has to do with the conversions. When people are making a click they are indirectly showing arrow towards their interest. Click make you understand what is provoking your followers to show their engagements accordingly you can concentrate on the same and make them click on different links.   


These were some of the metrics one should consider to track social media success. For more information follow our blog.

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